ANASTASIADATE.COM REVIEWS offers a platform all over the world to find Russian & Ukraine girls.  There are many online dating sites on the web but some sites are making scams and frauds with dating beginners. So stay away from like this site and save your valuable money and time.

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  • Diversified people

  • Chats are easy

  • Video chat feature available



  • Need to pay for everything

  • Fake and paid actors

  • Too many ads


As we know that now a day’s social media has a very deep effect on our lives. As a matter of fact, most of the people especially youngsters nowadays find their life partner online. This is good and the same today this article is about on such a dating site. Where many people try to find a partner online but they got cheat and waste thousands of dollars. In short. We can say that they invest and in the result get nothing. The app name is Anastasia Date site.


complete detail:

The name of this article is really provocative however I thought there is a necessity to speak about Anastasia Date and the policy of this agency which seems to be non-transparent.

Referring to scam issues happened to male members (we won’t give exact names as they’ve suffered a lot already) it should be mentioned that all their investigations lead to banning some women from agency website but not all of them and still refunds have not proceeded yet. We’ve been told about 500 000 USD each year is a scam income for female members that is why men from abroad feel more than nervous if they keep searching for the agencies to register and sort out the information from the internet.


This fact gives only one assumption: if there is vacillation in their members’ login storage, there is a big vacillation in their whole security system. It is so easy to hack as Anastasia date members’ personal information is surely available to uncover. The data-stealing may, of course, be a reason of members’ outflow.

Some girls had a very bad reputation by their suspicious behavior and then open scam activity: they made many foreign men scammed by luring them to the website, asking for help arranging of Schengen Visa, ticket booking for a flight, accommodation and even food.

If male members forwarded their complaints regarding one lady but several times – that did not help as there were not too much evident proof in their words. For instance, the scam issue was not investigated properly, no guilt, no punished have been found. The accusation goes only from one side, the side of the customer, but that was only his word.

Safety and Policy:

 Well honestly, the women one such site is either paid actors or probably a robotic response from

the system. If you are hoping to meet the perfect girl for yourself, you might get disappointed.

And speaking of the money, you might lose thousands of dollars just to get in touch with the

beautiful women on the other side of the screen.

Now we got closer to the part of ladies who chat. They use this option as a working place, often on maternity leave, they use this opportunity to have some fee. These type of ladies were not removed from the website, they were not banned or suspended, they help the agency to receive an income for about 1,5 million dollars during the last five years.

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Total Price Per Option

20 Credits                                                                                         $15.99

40 Credits                                                                                         $30.00

80 Credits                                                                                         $56.00

160 Credits                                                                                        $96.00

320 Credits                                                                                        $185.00

500 Credits                                                                                        $249.00

1000 Credits                                                                                      $399.00

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