Find Out How to Deal with Possessive Jealousy in Relationship

Did you know that there is a way to treat possessive Jealousy in Relationship? While this feeling is overwhelming, there are ways to work around it to make your relationship healthier. Even though the ideal is to work on trust between the couple, an acceptable amount of jealousy is generally appreciated by the partners. People like to know that they are loved and wanted, so they believe that a manifestation of jealousy is like a reaffirmation of the bond between the couple.

However, possessive jealousy is so intense and pervasive that it quickly ruins relationships. Either the couple breaks up and each goes their own way or the relationship turns into an unhealthy relationship .

Possessive and Unhealthy Jealousy

Is that jealousy I feel already crossing the line?

The Possessive Jealousy Mechanism. Everyone feels a little uncertain when it comes to relationships. Unloving relationships can also arouse the fear of rejection. However, that fear turns to dread when it comes to love. It is born from feelings such as low self-esteem , rejection complex and, above all, fear of losing the loved one.

But the main fuel of possessive jealousy is insecurity . Insecure individuals don’t trust themselves or other people. As much as love is shown, they don’t believe it. Excess insecurity can lead to controlling behaviors, as fears are projected onto the partner. One more ring to answer the cell phone or a few minutes late to get home are reasons to arouse jealousy . Soon, the feeling of possession grows and the partner’s contact with friends and family, the clothes he wears, the places he frequents and the activities he does besides work are monitored.

When we are in a relationship, blinded by passion and expectations, control goes unnoticed (or is denied) in our attitudes . Any harsh word or different behavior is reason to be shaken and put ourselves in the victim’s shoes, after all, it’s the partner who is being rude! In a relationship based on love and trust, these worries are unnecessary. Love, above all, is the mildest feeling that we can carry within us and from it only good emotions and sensations arise. And jealousy is far from it. How about starting to work on issues such as insecurity, confidence and self- esteem ?

 How to Deal with Possessive Jealousy

Fortunately, you can learn how to treat possessive jealousy! The journey to healing is a long one and most likely requires touching poorly healed or still open wounds. But the tranquility that is gained in compensation is incomparable.

  1. Think about the meaning of jealousy – Jealousy in Relationship

Is there really any reason to be jealous? Why do you believe you will be betrayed or abandoned? What happened to make you think about that possibility? If your partner has behaviors that call your fidelity into question, you should clarify how you feel about his or her behavior. However, we need to remember that it is impossible to control others . Even if you try, this attitude is doomed to failure.

That’s why we need to have self- confidence and believe that we can handle life’s adversities, including a possible breakup . With more confidence, you also make decisions that are more assertive and not based on unfounded suspicions of jealousy.

  1. Reflect on your relationship insecurities – Jealousy in Relationship

What are you most afraid of ? Be alone? be rejected? Losing that particular person? Never meet someone again if the relationship ends? Not be loved? Anyway, there are several insecurities present in love relationships and these are usually the most common.

Many of them are the result of anxiety , which creates a terrible future for you and your partner when all is well in the present. Therefore, it is necessary to strive to maintain RussianBrides attention in the current moment. Evaluate the relationship as it is today and not as it might be if X or Y happens.

Find Out How to Deal with Possessive Jealousy in Relationship

  1. Don’t cling to the past

Excessive jealousy may be a defense mechanism developed in the past to avoid suffering. While it’s painful to revisit bad memories, chances are you’ll need to do so to let go of fears clinging to a time that has passed. Regardless of whether you were cheated on , rejected, or had a bad childhood experience related to it, today you are a different person. Stronger, more conscious and more mature. There is no reason to spend the rest of your life waiting for the past to repeat itself. See life through the eyes of who you are today and not the person you were yesterday.

  1. Participate in your partner’s life – Jealousy in Relationship

Learning how to deal with possessive jealousy requires making significant changes in the dynamics of the relationship. Instead of being suspicious and restricting your partner, invite them to do something fun or do something they’re interested in. Participate in his life the way you would like him to participate in yours. Thus, the bond between you strengthened between laughter and joyful moments. Possessive jealousy and healthy relationships. Restore mutual trust by recovering intimate and fun moments for both of you

  1. Be sincere

Honesty and dialogue are two very important pillars of any relationship. If the partner isn’t one to open up, start that culture yourself. Express your feelings whenever you feel it is necessary . Do not allow them to accumulate within you so that they can later manifest in an outburst of anger . Solve all deadlocks instantly!

Likewise, don’t make misguided accusations or raise your voice . The best way to approach sensitive topics is calmly and willingly to listen to the partner’s considerations.

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  1. Seek help – Jealousy in Relationship

If you’ve tried all the techniques and still don’t know how to effectively treat possessive jealousy, you can take your concerns to the psychologist ‘s office .

Therapy is the perfect tool to resolve impasses from the past or insecurities rooted within us. We’ve already found it difficult to make simple habit changes, imagine, then, finding out why and still treating a feeling that shakes our structures.

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Couples Therapy for Dealing with Possessive Jealousy

In order not to overload yourself and still relive the love in your relationship, seek help in couples therapy or, if you prefer, individual therapy. Vittude can help you with these first steps !

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