Many women ask themselves the question: how to understand. The intentions of a foreign man so as not to waste their time on a frivolous candidate? There is a myth among ladies that foreigners do not want to marry, and correspondence with Slavic women. For some unknown reason, is an interesting and exciting pastime for them … Today we would like to try to answer. The question, explain why, having serious intentions, men are in no hurry to take action.

We think many will agree with the statement. That sometimes a person’s intentions are obvious and easy to understand. However, it also happens. That the truth is revealed only after a while. It is impossible to fully understand the Intentions idea. The thoughts of another person. After all, each person is individual. This also applies to meeting foreigners. Without giving a man attention and time to communicate with him. It is impossible to easily understand his intentions from his first message (unless, of course, he openly wrote about them).

  • From the first letters of a foreign gentleman you can learn:
  • Is the man looking for a serious relationship?
  • Are you interested in him?
  • whether he is responsible for communicating with you.
  • He just wants to flirt;
  • not interested in a long-term, serious relationship.

Despite this, you will not be able to understand. Whether a serious relationship will develop between you. Or whether he is ready to marry you. Alas, this is impossible and depends not only on him, but on both of you. On whether such relations will develop between you. That will lead to a marriage union! Not every acquaintance should and can develop into a long-term relationship. Only based on the presence of serious intentions on both sides. But what about feelings. Commonality of views and interests? It takes time to find out if he is right for you. If you are right for him. Time to get to know each other. Relations with a foreigner. The decision to move to another country cannot be predicted from the first lines with which the letter begins …

Later, we will return to the opposition of the goal and the path to its implementation. We will try to explain the view of European men on relationships. Now we would like to dwell on certain “signs” that show that a man is responsible for communicating with you or he is not looking for a serious relationship.


Pay attention to…Understand the Intentions

The punctuality of his answers. In other words, how long does it take a man to answer your letters. Do you wait for his letters for days or does he respond quickly enough. This shows his interest in communicating with you. Pay attention to which days he cannot write letters or communicate via Skype. Single people are usually free on weekends. However, it should be taken into account and understood with understanding that a working man will not be able to correspond for hours on end on weekdays, and a man living alone should devote time to household chores: cooking, cleaning, communicating with children (if he has any) .

The volume of his letters. Whether you receive short messages or he takes the time to write letters, tries to write you interesting and voluminous messages.

The content of his letters , then how individual his letters are to you, whether he addresses you by name or whether you get the impression that he is sending you messages prepared in advance for other women, and even confuses women’s names.

Willingness to talk about yourself, to devote you to your life : how detailed does he answer your questions, does he ignore them and does he talk about himself.

If a man ignores questions , talks little about himself, but only asks to send him more photos and focuses solely on your external attractiveness, sexuality, you should be very careful about further communication with him. Topics of an intimate nature, these are not topics for first letters, these are not topics for conversations with a stranger.

How polite and tactful is the form of his address to you.

He openly considers various forms of communication : not only the exchange of letters, but also video calls via Skype, communication using instant messengers (WhatsApp, Viber).

Desire to meet, come to you. As a rule, if a foreigner is not interested in a relationship with a woman, he will not waste his time on correspondence and will not want to make a trip to Eastern Europe. However, we ask you to understand that in order to make a decision on a trip, a foreign gentleman will need some time to get to know the woman better. To make a trip to a stranger, you need confidence in his decency and trust in him. This is born through regular and sincere communication: letters, Skype, instant messengers. In addition, a man should feel attraction, he should begin to develop tender feelings for a woman.

Foreigners are in no hurry – Understand the Intentions

Let’s return to the already voiced problem, why do men say they are looking for a serious relationship, but are in no hurry to come or take the initiative? It is necessary to distinguish between the presence of a goal – to find a woman to create a family and the path to its implementation – getting to know a woman, communicating, trying to get to know her better and understand what he feels for her, do they have something in common, is a new acquaintance suitable for the role future wife. Much happens by trial and error. It is possible to find out whether the future is possible for you and the new gentleman only by getting to know each other better: through correspondence, through daily communication, calls and, most importantly, through real meetings. All this is a time of “testing” whether he or she is suitable for the goal.

In other words, a man asks the following questions: what feelings do I have for this woman? Can I trust her? Do I want to marry her and start a family together? If the answer to these questions, unfortunately, is negative, this does not mean that a man is not looking for a serious relationship. Understand the Intentions He just has not yet met the woman with whom he would like to.

Build This Relationship.

Agree that not every foreigner is suitable for the role of your life partner. The same is true for men. To make a decision about a serious step, you need time, you need feelings, you need confidence in the other person. Without giving a man time, it is impossible to say whether the relationship will develop between you. triptogether review

Beware of frivolous men. Hasty, ardent and ill-considered promises are easy to break when understanding comes to the place of a fleeting impulse.

European mentality

In Europe, a slightly different view of the relationship between a man and a woman is common than in the countries of the former USSR. Relationships in Western countries are often viewed as partnerships. This means that they should be interested in building relationships, both men and women should “work” on this. A simple example, if a European takes a “step” towards.

A relationship with a woman, he expects her to take a step back towards him, and not continue to stand still, waiting for him to act. European men are rational. If they do not feel reciprocity, do not see the woman’s interest in relationships and readiness for relationships, Understand the Intentions they will not win and achieve. After all, in their view it is meaningless! She is not interested in relations with me, I am not interested in her as a person, as a man. We’d better keep looking.

Look at the situation through the eyes of a man

You need to understand and accept the fact that men, like women, choose. They want to meet the one for which they will be ready to act. Foreigners looking for a spouse from Eastern Europe want to fall in love! It is falling in love that is the incentive that will make a man come and fight for a relationship with a chosen one.

Everyone has the right to choose, take their time and do as they see fit. Corresponding with a woman from Eastern Europe is dubious entertainment. After all, reading often rude and monosyllabic letters cannot be called an exciting activity. Believe me, men are just as tired of failures, disappointments, letters of the same type, acquaintances ending in nothing, and feelings of loneliness. In addition, searching for a woman from another country requires them to spend money not only on travel and paperwork, but also on the opportunity to get to know each other, because most serious international dating sites are paid for by men.

No one can guarantee a man that the woman he likes so much, with whom he spends so much time talking, has really serious intentions towards him and will not act frivolously and irresponsibly when he comes to her … Find your soulmate, a difficult task for both men and women!

Has he talked about the meeting yet? – Understand the Intentions

You have been talking for a long time, but he has not yet started talking about the first meeting? Remember what we wrote about above, about the peculiarities of the mentality of Europeans, and take a “step” towards your relationship. Invite him to come to you! How is a man supposed to know how you feel about him, that you are interested in a real meeting with him? Europeans do not know how to read the minds of Slavic women. (See “Dating Foreigners: Where Does Misunderstanding Come From and Why Cavaliers Disappear?” )

It should, however, be emphasised that we do not recommend inviting a man to visit only after a few letters, this sounds rather frivolous. In order to make a trip to a woman whom a foreigner met on the Internet, he needs to be imbued with confidence in her, be sure of the seriousness and sincerity of her intentions. And the woman herself needs to understand whether she really wants to meet this man. We repeat, without paying attention, it is impossible for a man to understand his intentions and show himself so that he understands that he is communicating with an honest, responsible woman. A man needs to feel attracted. It can happen instantly, like love at first sight, or it can take some time.


In conclusion, we would like to advise you not to look for secret signs and hidden meanings in order to expose a man, not to allow negative experience, no matter your own or someone else’s, to influence your behaviour, decision-making and the manner of acquaintance, but simply show yourself to a new acquaintance with the best hand and give him a chance to prove himself! In the end, you are looking for your only man, and on the way to him you may expect disappointment and acquaintances that lead to nothing.

Take it easy, it’s just trial and error. It helps you to learn more about yourself, about men, to understand what kind of man you want to meet and what relationships to see in your life. When you meet the man destined for you, everything will work out in the best way, you will be ready for a relationship, you do not need to suspect, expose and rack your brains.

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