How to Lose A Boyfriend?

How to lose a boyfriend? We can see several such ways in the romantic comedy “How to Lose a Boyfriend in 10 Days?” In which the main character deliberately makes mistakes that we sometimes make unconsciously. If you want a happy and successful relationship – this production should definitely be on your “to watch” list! Thanks to it, you will learn what you absolutely should not do (even if you did not realize that you are doing something on this list), so as not to alienate the guy and do not condemn your relationship to an imminent end.

Relationships between men and women are usually not the easiest. It is easy for understatement, concealment, or even a mutual misunderstanding of intentions. On top of all this – when it comes to love – there are often games and intrigues that can further complicate already difficult relationships. And how can things get complicated when there are two people in a relationship who have a hidden purpose in it? “How to Lose a Boyfriend in 10 Days” is a funny and brilliant romantic comedy that shows all the stereotypes of male-female relationships.

How to Lose a Boyfriend in 10 Days?

The film “How to lose a boyfriend in 10 days?” is a story completely different than those we know from classic romantic productions. The main character – charming Andie – is a journalist in a typically female magazine. Her big ambitions mean that she is fed up with writing about cosmetics or problems with the figure, and she dreams of a more serious article. So she takes the challenge to create the text “How to lose a boyfriend in 10 days?”, But to be authentic – she has to play the role of a “guinea pig”. Andie decides to find a guy whom he will fall in love with within 10 days and test popular mistakes made by women on him, causing him to leave her.

Andie’s choice falls on the handsome Benjamin – an advertising agency employee and a notorious seducer. She doesn’t know, however, that Ben also has something to hide … In order to get the contract he dreams of, he made a bet with his boss that he would be able to persevere in a longer relationship. That is why she decides to pick up and, within 10 days, to fall in love with the first woman she meets. Neither Andie nor Ben know about the other’s true intentions, and neither is going to let go.

The fates of these two actually intertwined with each other only because of the intrigue. Andie, in order to achieve her goal and come out as credible as possible, tests on Benjamin the most common and popular mistakes made by women in relationships that effectively scare men away. Ben, on the other hand, tries to keep a cool head and does everything to win her heart, although his new girlfriend’s ideas cost him a lot of nerves. Learn about a few of the main character’s behaviors that Benjamin tried to manipulate and – if you do not want to test the patience of your loved ones – avoid them!

Playing a Spoiled Princess

This is one of the most effective ways to lose a boyfriend. Nobody likes to tune their mouths or the demands they put up with – like the kind that Andie Ben made during a trip to a game.

How to Lose A Boyfriend?

 “The Meaning of the Territory”

How to Lose a Boyfriend in 10 Days According to Andie Anderson? To start with the “meaning” of the male oasis with typically girlish gadgets. Panty liners, lotions and a toothbrush in the bathroom, a few personal trinkets, teddy bears or pink accessories will not only give the guy creeps, but also YourChristianDate make him scared of the seriousness of the relationship – he can quickly make you his ex.

Planning for the Future – Lose A Boyfriend

You just met? So if you care about this relationship – under no circumstances jump out with long-term plans, do not confide in that you have already planned your future children’s names, apartment decor, and a name for your cat. This is a common mistake made by women that Andie did not fail to test on Ben in “How to Lose a Boyfriend in 10 Days?”

Compromising in front of my buddies

Another way to lose the boyfriend that the main character used in the film in 10 days was her behavior during Ben’s men’s evening. As you know, a meeting with a group of guys mainly consists of beer, snacks and men’s entertainment. Entering such a party and treating your partner (and his friends) as young children and mothering you can not only discredit a guy, but also effectively discourage him (and, of course, his buddies too!).

Irrational behavior

Andie Anderson knows exactly what mistakes women make, even if they themselves are unaware of them. How to lose a guy in 10 days or even faster? According to the main character, men are effectively discourage by female whining. Exaggerating on many issues and, above all, being oversensitive, e.g. about their weight. Finding a bottom line in everything, accusing your partner of something. He did not say at all, and reacting with hysteria worthy of a little girl will throw any tough guy off balance.

Diminishing Masculinity – Lose A Boyfriend

The film “How to lose a boyfriend in 10 days?” shows various amusing methods used by the main character, but one of them is probably the male ego the most. While we often use diminutives in relationships, Andie took it a step further by calling Ben’s birthright “Princess Sophia.” Which male pride can stand it?

“How to lose a boyfriend in 10 days?” – winding road to love

Andie Anderson’s ways of losing a boyfriend in 10 days in a normal situation would probably have work sensationally. And a guy after such a dose of “female mistakes” would have disappear by the end of the week. It would be similar with Ben, if not for the fact. That he made a bet and he was very anxious to bring. The bet to the end. The new partner teared his nerves, overuse his patience and even drove him mad. But he continue to endure everything bravely, much to Andie’s surprise.

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As it happens in romantic comedies – also in “How to Lose a Boyfriend in 10 Days?”. There is no lack of unexpected and initially unwanted love. Neither Andie nor Ben are planning to fall in love or form a permanent relationship. They both have their own specific goal. That they want to achieve at all costs. Andie stands on his head to discourage Ben, and Ben does his best to just stay with the assumed. 10 days and not get as far away from her as possible. Their mutual intrigues entertain. The viewers of the film “How to Lose a Boyfriend in 10 Days?”. Perfectly showing stereotypical problems in relationships and situations from everyday life that are not alien to us.

Andie and Benjamin’s fates were linked by coincidence, but things take a completely unexpected turn. Mutual manipulation of each other leads to many unexpected situations in. Which a germinating feeling begins. The main characters must finally face the truth they hide and face the love they refused to admit. The film “How to lose a boyfriend in 10 days?” is a non-obvious, funny, light and warm comedy. That will be perfect for an evening with a friend as well as with a loved one. It is also a good lesson on what not to do in order not to end your relationship.

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