Topics For A Conversation With a Girl - How to Interest Her?

Topics for a conversation with a girl, or rather the lack of them, can be a real nuisance for a large proportion of men. During dates – especially the first ones – we want to do our best and have something to talk about. Sometimes the biggest stress turns out to be the fact that “the talk will not stick” and there will be an awkward silence, which we do not know how to stop, or that the topics we decide to talk about will turn out to be uninteresting for the other party, which will result in boring.

The first meeting, conversations and getting to know each other are very important at the beginning of any relationship and can have a big impact on how we will be perceived by the other party and whether she will want to meet again and learn more about us. During the first exchange of views, we can also find out whether we are “on the same wavelength”, whether we have some common topics of conversation and topics to write (eg if we meet on the Internet) and whether we understand, for example, our jokes.

Conversation Topics – What to Talk to Your Girlfriend About?

 If we get in touch with someone right away – it often turns out that the topics for conversation come to mind, our faces remain open all the time, and the awkward silence does not appear at all. However, it is not always visible immediately. Before the first meeting, we do not know what to expect, so we prefer to prepare “emergency” topics for talks to be able to help with.

Women communicate a little differently than men. The male group is dominated by specific and short exchanges of information, while girls are accompanied by emotions and a lot of details. You should definitely avoid typically male topics, e.g. about recent car faults, conversations about your exes, as well as about politics or religion. So what to talk to a girl about? Read our guide to find out what interesting conversation topics will help you gain interest in a date!

Let her tell About Herself – Conversation With a Girl

If you get to know a girl and her interests closer, it will be easier for you to find topics for conversation. Remember not to interrupt it and listen carefully, also paying attention to your body language. A very big plus in such a situation is asking questions about the topic – it will show your chosen one that you are really interested in what to say and that you really want to learn more.

Tell me about yourself too! – Conversation With a Girl

However, avoid long, boring formulas, and instead try to choose the most interesting facts and focus on them. You can mention your work, school or university as much as possible, but do not have the whole conversation around it – remember that you want to interest your chosen one, not bore you. TripTogether Just say briefly what you do. There will be time for serious topics to talk about.

Topics For A Conversation With a Girl - How to Interest Her?

Hobby. Culture, art, entertainment, music, books, movies …

In terms of interests, the topics for conversation come to mind. Ask the girl about her hobbies, what she likes to do in her free time, what music she listens to, what books she reads, or what movies she likes to watch. This way, you will not only show her that you are interested in getting to know her better, but also discover if your tastes are similar or completely different. Of course, if you have original or unusual interests yourself – you can spend a little more time in the conversation, especially when the girl starts asking questions and wants to listen. Tell her about your teaser, and she will surely find you an interesting person that she will be happy to get to know better.

Interesting stories

Who doesn’t like to hear different exciting or funny stories? Cool topics to talk about include your own experiences. If something strange, funny, unbelievable happened to you recently. You did something crazy, or you help someone – feel free to tell us about it! You will not only allow you to get to know each other better. But also show you what kind of person you are. Do you distance yourself from yourself, do you cope with different situations. Are you a good person, and will even help. The girl determine if you are worth her attention.

Show your knowledge – Conversation With a Girl

If the girl you are dating is not from your city and has not lived there for a long time. You can show off your knowledge of not only history, but also various interesting anecdotes or interesting. Unique places that you can show her of course. These are interesting conversation topics. That may not really end for a long time. It all depends on how well you know your city.


This is not a joke! We all need to eat, so that’s a good idea for conversation topics. You can ask your chosen one about her favorite cuisine, favorite dishes. What is the strangest or worst she has ever eaten and, base on her preferences. Take her to a restaurant famous for her favorite delicacies. Discovering new flavors together may not only bring. You closer to each other, but it will certainly also ensure. The continuity of the conversation, which – importantly – will go naturally.

Back to childhood

Cool topics for conversation are a symbolic journey into. The past and getting to know each other’s most interesting, scary or funniest adventures from childhood. Such anecdotes not only allow us to get to know each other better. But also bring people closer together, giving us the impression that we have known each other for years.


Is your chosen one interested in sport? Or maybe you both cultivate one? It’s great! In such a case, the topics for conversation should appear on their own – if you prefer the same discipline, you can exchange your observations, achievements, tricks or training methods. Do you prefer something else? Nothing prevents you from telling each other about this passion and maybe getting involved in another sport as well? It is also a good topic for conversation, even if you are only “couch” fans of sports watched on TV – experiencing the games together and exchanging insights can take you for hours.

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Interesting conversation topics that will help you get a girl interested in reality. Largely depend on what kind of person you are dealing with: what she does, what interests her, how does she spend her free time. What age she is or where she works. On this basis, you can easily judge if you have anything in common, and if so – base. At least part of the conversation on it. First of all, you need to remember not only to talk, but also to let your. Chosen one talk to you and not to interrupt or judge if she decides to confide in something to you.

Cool topics for conversation most often arise when we get to know. A person with whom he immediately “sparks” and we get in touch. You probably have notice. More than once that you always have something to talk about with some, and even. There is still not enough time to talk. While with others – even if you turn your head – each conversation. Stops after two sentences, or – when you do not know what to say – there is a classic question about the weather. Remember that the most important thing is to be yourself and always be honest. When a lie is revealed, it will only leave a bad impression on you. Which is unlikely to be erased. Try to match. The topics of the conversation to the girl you are dating. Thanks to which the chances are greater. That the conversation will go naturally, with your own rhythm.

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